Premier® supports the following browsers:


Special Note: Internet Explorer 11 will only be supported through June 15, 2022 when Microsoft ends all support for Internet Explorer (IE).

Only supported browsers should be used to access Premier products - all others may result in a degraded user experience, including but not limited to functional limitations, error messages, and/or the inability to proceed.

Application-specific browser support exceptions

Some applications are not fully functional in all supported browsers. Please reference the list below for application-specific browser support exceptions.


Not supported in Firefox or Safari

Sourcing and Contract Management

Prior to June 15, 2022: Requires IE11, Edge with Internet Explorer Compatibility View enabled or Chrome with the IE Tab add-on (available in the Chrome Web Store).

Beginning June 15, 2022: Edge and Chrome will be supported. Firefox and Safari will not be supported at this time.


Not supported in Firefox or Safari. Not recommended in IE11.